Advice on Pregnancy

If you are a young person who has questions because you think you may be pregnant, who knows someone who has questions or even if you are thinking about getting pregnant, and you don't want to chat with one of the team from The base, then here are some sites that might be of use:

NHS Website
On the NHS Website you can find the details of any GPs surgeries near to you.

TimeNorfolk provides free confidential help and support to anyone who has an unplanned pregnancy, needs support through their pregnancy, has experienced pregnancy loss through miscarriage or needs support for other pregnancy related issues eg infertility, pre or post-natal depression.

Norwich Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic
ICash offers a range of free and confidential services including all methods of contraception, pregnancy testing, and counselling about sexual problems and other related matters

FPA is a sexual health charity - they give straightforward information and support on sexual health, sex, pregnancy and relationships.
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