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Just Chill Anger Management

The Just Chill Anger Management Programme is a 6 week early intervention course that has been specially written to help young people learn techniques to manage their anger as well as offering a number of strategies on how to deal with anger for those who work with young people. Using Roleplaying (the programme utilises a number of full face theatrical masks to assist with characterisation) it’s deliberately easy to understand, very visual, fun and rewarding with a real emphasis on participation. Young people taking part learn about anger, things that can trigger anger, how to empathize with others, the negative consequences of aggressive actions and body language. It also enhances the social skills, self-esteem and team working skills of those who take part.

Just Chill not only supports the young people, but also empowers those who work with them by giving them an understanding of techniques that can be used to manage anger in a positive, encouraging way as well as promoting greater confidence in dealing with issues arising once the programme has ended in their establishment.
The programme achieves this through delivery of a full day training session in establishments where groups of young people have received the programme, with those who attend able to then cascade the information to their peers as appropriate.

The base also arranges follows up the sessions to resolve any questions that may arise and to offer case specific advice, ensuring that the young people get the greatest level of support they can. In instances where it is felt that it would be beneficial, 1-2-1 sessions or small group work with parent/child/siblings may be offered.

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Zap/Bystander Anti-Bullying Workshops

The base offers a fun and effective workshop that helps support schools, agencies and youth organisations address Bullying and the issues that surround it. Covering physical, cyber and psychological bullying the workshop explores the bullying roles (bully, bystander and target), helps raise self-esteem, increases assertiveness and identifies the impact of positive body language. It also helps redress the balance of power in friendship groups where bullying may be taking place.

The workshop takes place over the course of a full day and can be run in either large or small groups and can (if appropriate) include 1-2-1 work. The first part of the day follows the ZAP assertiveness framework (designed by Kidscape – a leading charity in the field of anti-bullying) and actively encourages attendees to participate, teaching new skills through interaction. The ethos of the workshop is acceptance and friendship, enabling even the most nervous and withdrawn child to feel comfortable participating.
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The second part of the workshop is innovative and unique – “Bystander Training”. This looks at the bystander effect and helps young people to understand the role of the bystander in bullying behaviour. They will gain an understanding of how their actions (or inactions) can prevent or escalate bullying behaviour and will learn strategies and skills to prevent bullying.

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Summer Transition

A young person’s transition to High School can be an exhilarating yet also frightening and frustrating time. For some young people the transition can be particularly difficult and they may need extra support. Research suggests that young people who participate in transition projects are much more likely to build the capacity and strategies required to ensure a smooth transition.

The base offers a two week transition programme for Year 6’s moving to High School, tailored specifically to the School they are moving to. The programme uses positive activities to improve the confidence of the young people and to ensure that they have a positive start to their new school experience. As well as confidence it helps build friendships and aims familiarise the young people with their new school.

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