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Robert Eagleton (C.E.O.)

I am delighted and honoured to have been appointed as CEO of The base Community Trust. A well networked retired Police Inspector and former Chief Executive of the Charity (PACT), I left the Constabulary after 30 years service having also gained valuable experience on secondment as a Charity Chief Executive during my Police Service. This secondment gave me my passion for the work that is done by organisations like The Base.

These are very exciting and challenging times for The Base and we intend to build upon what has been already achieved by offering our services to a wider catchment area whilst maintaining and enhancing what we offer locally. I believe that with the continued support of our partners, funders and the local communities that we serve, and seek to serve, that we will achieve our aims.

Any spare time that I have is spent with my family and in the summer on the cricket field as a Norfolk County Seniors player and ECB First Class Second Eleven, Minor Counties and Premier League Cricket Umpire.


Job Title: Executive Head Teacher at Parkside School (Chair of Trust Board)
Years as a Trustee: 4 - since the start of The Base Trust.
What made me want to be a Trustee: I wanted to make more of a difference for children who need the most support, ensuring that they get the best chance in life.
What do I bring to the base as a Trustee: 37 years in education, 18 years of running a successful school, a commitment to working in partnerships to achieve the best outcomes for young people and an enjoyment of problem solving.
Hobbies/Interests: Sport of any kind but in particular football, cricket, rugby, skiing etc. The great outdoors - including hiking in the mountains, travel, and trying to experience as much of the world as possible (before I am too old!)!
Job Title: I am retired but I work in a part time capacity for Hertfordshire Partnership Mental health Trust as a Mental Health Act Manager, I am also a Trustee for Diss and Thetford CAB , having worked in the CAB in various roles for almost 40 years and I’m a Parish Councillor in my village. In 2014 I was awarded an MBE for service to the Community in Norwich
Years as a Trustee: 4 – since the start of The base Trust
What made me want to be a Trustee: To help remove the barriers that prevent young people achieving their full potential
What do I bring to the base as a Trustee: The CAB service exists to ensure that people are not treated unfairly. I was a governor in 3 schools in Norwich between (1988- 2015). I hope that these roles have given me some insight into the unrealised potential of many young people and a desire to change that situation for them
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, gardening and grandchildren!
Job Title: Retired Associate Head Teacher
Years as a Trustee: 4 - since the start of The Base Trust.
What made me want to be a Trustee: I was at The Hewett School when The base was originally conceived and I wanted to work with them to ensure the continuation of the essential charity work that they were set up to do.
What do I bring to the base as a Trustee: As someone who has owned three businesses, been the Director of a large healthcare organisation and who has worked extensively in education under the banner of Inclusion I bring a very broad range of generic skills that benefit all aspects of The base.
Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy walking/rambling and doing voluntary work.
Job Title: Regional Director of Barclays Private Bank.
Years as a Trustee: 3 years
What made you want to be a Trustee: I was asked and when I found out what The base did I was delighted to get involved and help.
What do you bring to The base as a Trustee: As a parent myself and being an ex-Hewitt school pupil, living and working in Norwich I am delighted to help raise the awareness of the great work that The base does with friends and colleagues.
Hobbies/Interests: Running, golf and watching Norwich City
Job Title: Director of Business and Community Strategy at Aylsham High School
Years as a Trustee: 2 year
What made you want to be a trustee: I had been involved with The base for several years first as Company Secretary and then Chief Executive. During this time I realised that there was a gap in services for young people, which for some young people, especially those from a vulnerable background, was stopping them from reaching their full potential. An opportunity arose too good to miss therefore I moved on. However my belief in what The base does and the issues around young people and their mental health especially, means I have continued to be involved as a trustee.
What do you bring to The base as a trustee: a wealth of knowledge about the history of The base and how it has evolved over the last few years along with passion around its mission and vision. I have a financial background which means I can support and advise on financial and business decisions. I also like to think I have good people and management skills!
Hobbies/Interests: I don't have much time for anything else as I have 3 children and an extremely busy Job! However I'm currently training for the London Marathon and go to one or two Norwich City matches!!
The Base, Cecil Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR1 2TJ
Registered Charity number 1150647
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