Why is The base needed?

Why is The base needed?

The base supports young people aged 11-19, 25 if the young person has Special Educational Needs (SEN). We presently primarily operate in the Lakenham and Tuckswood areas of Norwich, where many families are impacted by unemployment, low aspirations, social isolation and low educational achievement. These areas also predominantly have high levels of social deprivation and social housing.

The English Indices of Deprivation 2015 shows that these areas rank nationally:

- 95th for Children and Young Peoples deprivation in relation to Education, Skills and Training
- 671st for Adult deprivation in relation to Education, Skills and Training

With 1st being the most and 32844th the least deprived, this places the areas around The base firmly within the top 1% NATIONALLY for young people’s deprivation, attainment and skills.

The “State of Norwich” report (April 2015) also highlights that 31.9% of young people in Norwich (the area covered by Norwich City Council) are living in poverty. With an estimated 12,967 young people aged 11-19 in the Norwich area (Source YAB Needs Analysis Highlight 2013) it is obviously of great concern that so many of the young people in this area potentially fall into this category.

The 2016 Social Mobility Index as commissioned by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission and headed up by the Rt. Hon. Alan Milburn compares the chances that a child from a disadvantaged background will do well at school and get a good job across each of the 324 local authority district areas of England. It examines a range of measures of the educational outcomes achieved by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and the local job and housing markets to shed light on which are the best and worst places in England in terms of the opportunities young people from poorer backgrounds have to succeed. This Index highlighted Norwich as the 323rd WORST place in Britain (out of 324) for Social Mobility, a fact that demonstrates the absolute need for a service such as The base. A full copy of the Report can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/social-mobility-index

In a recent Norwich Youth Advisory Board consultation with young people, they found that the No. 1 concern for young people is the lack of quality youth provision in their area. This is supported by the fact that other than The base there are only two other youth groups in the area for those in the age range we support, both of them being Church lead and only running one night a week each.

Our own questionnaires, research and Feedback have also outlined several areas where there are gaps in youth provision – something that we are currently reviewing and intend to address moving forward. The base currently runs groups for young people six days of the week and aims to increase this to seven when feasible.

The base also supports young people with Special Educational Needs as there is a significant lack of provision outside of special school environments. We believe that we are one of the only providers of a true “youth club” for SEN young people in Norwich and the surrounding suburbs.

As well as supporting SEN young people we are aware that there is a need to offer a provision to the siblings of our members. This is something we will be addressing shortly. The area of need for SEN provision stretches wider than our primary areas due to catchment areas of the schools involved. However our Trust Board have approved a development Plan that will see us expand and offer our services to a larger catchment area where the need for our services has clearly been evidenced.

Our current impact, (up to 30th April 2013) within our area of need includes:

• The completion of 3203 young people “sessions” with over 50% of these being disadvantaged young people,

• We are currently the largest youth provider in South Norwich.

• 100% young person user satisfaction surveys and an increase in school attendance in all cases where we have used targeted intervention.

In the very short time that we have operated as a registered charity (31st January 2103) our success has clearly evidenced there is a demand and need for the services that we offer, not only within our current area of operation but also further afield across the City and the County.
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